Monday, February 27, 2012

Almost Done and large family organization

Our house is almost done. We went to see it yesterday and they were laying the tile. It's painted, and bricked already. The sod is down. We are due to close March 15th! I'm so excited! I wish I had pictures; they are all on Raymond's phone though!

So I started thinking about large families and how to run the home more efficiently. When it was just the two kids, it was pretty easy. I did laundry when needed, dishes when needed, cleaned when needed...I had free time. Since adding Mimi to the mix, and now expecting another little bundle, I am anticipating that I will be far to busy for my own good. I'm starting to gather ideas to help cut down on chores and maximize my time. So if you have a large family (and coming from a family with 2 kids including myself, I think 4 IS large) please feel free to give me some advice!

One thing I'm thinking of doing is a family closet. We have this incredibly strange and long closet in our new house that probably wouldn't work too well for much. It does have a light. I plan to put a rod in there at the kid's height and put all their clothes on the rod, divided off by child. Below that, I'd put plastic hampers for each child for their dirties. And above, on a shelf, baskets for socks and undies. That way, when I do laundry, I can put all the clothes away in the same place and gather all the dirties from the same place too. 3 of the kids rooms are upstais, and one is downstairs and the laundry is downstairs, so I think this will really cut back on folding and putting away, and on gathering laundry and going up and down the stairs all the time. Not to mention, the kids wouldn't make messes of their dresser drawers like they do now. Plus, since the house we are in right now is pretty small, the kids have been using my and Raymond's dressers (and I've been storing my clothes under the bed in a plastic bin) and don't have dressers of their own. Which means if I do the family closet idea for the kids, I won't have to buy dressers for each of them when we move.

That's just one idea. But I have more ideas brimming in my head. I plan to share them as I have time. If you have one and would like to share with me, I'd be so grateful!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer,

I would love to offer some advice. My young adults are 13, 16, 17, 20 and 23. The oldest is married and they are expecting their first child!

To simplify meals, I cook a whole bunch of ground beef or chicken breast at once and then freeze. I never have to worry about having meat for lunch or supper.

To keep track of paperwork, I have a home management binder. You can Google it if you don't know what it is.

For discipline they must do a chore during their free time. They also have meal chores and Friday house cleaning chores.
Our meal chores are: dishes, surfaces, laundry, sweep, trash, tidy and feed goats 2xday. I find that if we do laundry after each meal it stays caught up.

I post our schedule and house rules on the refrigerator in a plastic page protector so I can change them when necessary.

It is so important to keep things simple. I used to try to do elaborate projects like big birthday parties for example. I now believe in keeping things as simple as possible. Having one family over is enough. The simple pleasures are best.

God Bless, Lewanna

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