Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bible Program

When I think about what I want my kids to know about our faith, two things come to mind: 1) I want them to have a good understanding of reformed theology, and 2) I want them to know the Bible, through and through. When planning our Bible curriculum for the coming years, these two goals are always in the forefront of my mind. I chose a really great catechism program to give my kids a sound education in reformed theology, a three part series we are in the process of finishing now. And I chose Classical Academic Press' God's Great Covenant to use after our other program to take them through the Bible step by step.
SO, when Classical Academic Press sent me a copy of New Testament 1, I was thrilled. In the past we have used their Latin program and thoroughly enjoyed it, and having looked at the books in person at the teacher supply store, I knew this was a program we would be using for years to come. Classical Academic Press sells all kinds of programs, from logic programs to Bible and language programs. God's Great Covenant, is a newer program, consisting of a two part series on the Old Testament and (I believe) a two part series on the New Testament. From what I can tell on the website, the second part of the New Testament has not yet been made available.

Each set comes with a student workbook and a teacher's guide. The guide has a copy of the workbook, but also, much more--notes and teaching helps fill the margins to help you give your student a deeper understanding of what is happening in the text. The student book has a range of activities for the students to comeplete that aid in memorizing and understanding the materials. Also available are audio files of the Bible stories and map and timeline sets to compliment what you are studying. Overall, this is a very thorough Bible program.

Here's an example of the student workbook. As you can see, the workbook contains different activities such as muliple choice, true and false and matching. The questions are directly related to the lesson you have just taught.


Below is an example of the teachers manual. The smaller section is a copy of what is in the student book, and then the margins contain areas for personal notes and also teaching tips and explanations of the material in the lesson. These helps are really great for helping the student really dive into the material.

The NT bundle is $56.95 and includes both the teacher and student books and the audio files. The teacher and student books range from 22 to 29 dollars depending on the one you order. See more about their pricing here.
Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.
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Shaper of Little Souls said...

This curriculum catches my attention.I have not heard of it.
How do you like it? How do your kids like it?

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