Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Noodle Stringing

I decided to give this classic child's craft a try the other day. I dyed our noodles using the same method that I used to dye the rice; 2 tsp rubbing alcohol plus food coloring, then shake the colors in separate ziplock bags. The noodles take a little longer to dry than the rice, so be patient and prepare ahead of time. Then I cut long strips of yarn for stringing. I made a little "needle" out of a pipe cleaner and we had fun making these pretty neclaces. I've made this a permanent activity on our "preschool" shelf at our house; instead of yarn, I am using a shoelace with masking tape on the end for a needle. The kids have picked this up several times since we did this activity, and enjoy just making the long strings of noodles and then pulling them off one at a time and putting them away. Try it! Your kids may like this too!

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