Friday, January 23, 2009

The Rice Rainbow

Okay, this is my last activity with rice, I promise! But just think--I've used this same 1/2 cup of rice to teach so many things already, I feel so "green"! After our first activity with the rice, we made a rice rainbow, which turned out really cute.
Besides being cute, what I liked about this project was that it required my little ones to follow directions, pay attention to detail and color, and work with a glue pen and the fine kernels of rice.
To do this project, you will need colored rice (see my posts under "fun with foods" for instructions on dying rice), a piece of construction paper and glue--I used a glue pen. Have your child draw (or draw it yourself) an arch with the glue. Then have them add red rice as you would add glitter, to the arch. Repeat, varying the colors until you have a completed rainbow. You can use this activity to talk about the letter "R" because both rice and rainbow begin with R.

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