Friday, February 27, 2009

My Alphabet Hero

You've got to check this blog post out-- I hope Miss O, Little Bean and I can finish the whole alphabet some time. So far, we've only done three letters and it's been a couple months since we started. It looks like they had alot of fun making a project for each letter, and they all turned out so cute. Hopefully some day I can make a post like that too with all of our finished alphabet projects!


Amber said...

One day?! Sounds like fun, but we took a long time to do our Alphabet Wall. :) But I could only use the time his attention span would allow me to. :)

Click here to see our Alphabet Wall.

Jennifer said...

Lol, Amber, I just meant maybe some day we will have them all finished, not that we'd complete them all in one day. ;) I'll have to change the wording to clarify. But, you're right, there's no way we could do them all in one day!

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