Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top Ten Play Things

Mary, over at A Mom Learning More Everyday recently posted her daughter's top ten play things and I thought it was a great idea, so I am making my own list.

Here's Little Bean's List, in no particular order:

1. Books, books, books. Doesn't matter what kind of book--it could be a picture dictionary, a Disney character book, a chapter book, or a library book. This kid LOVES to be read to. He would read all day, every day, if I was willing and able to read to him that much.

2. Felt. This has been a recent new love. I made a felt board several months back and Velcroed it to our playroom wall. I also found a bunch of felt characters and shapes at the thrift store and a few weeks ago made them more accessible in the playroom. Apparently it was a good move because he has been doing a lot of felt play lately.

3. The Guidecraft Mystery Bag. I found this on craigslist and snatched it right up. He likes making ME feel in the bag for the correct shape!

4. Tinker Toys. I found ours at the thrift store a few months back. He always comes up with some crazy inventions.

5. Trains and tracks. This boy loves trains and tracks. He loves building a giant line of tracks and then lining up all his trains on them. Recently he has started pretending with the trains and it's so cute to watch him have little conversations between the trains.

6. Blocks. He just loves to build.

7. Markers. I really don't like letting them use markers because they are so messy, but they love how easy it is for the color to show up with marker. It seems with crayons they have to use a much stronger grip in order to get the desired color, so markers are always a favorite. And Little Bean has just started making the cutest little drawings of people--big round head and eyes, and long, straight legs, arms and hair. I just love his drawings.

8. Games. Any game will do whether it's homemade or store bought, whether it uses dice, cards or a game board. He loves games, I think because they are so interactive and he just loves when I can get down and play WITH him.

9. The park. Okay, I guess the park isn't exactly a play thing, but he enjoys a good park day very much. We are lucky enough to have a play structure in our housing complex, and spend a lot of time there finding little treasures and playing on the structure.

10. "House". Little Bean and Miss O play some form of "house" pretty much every day. I know house isn't a play thing either, but they use all their toys when they play house. The doctor kit stethoscope becomes a dog leash for Miss O, and the dress up box becomes a table for their picnic.

Here is Miss O's list, also in no particular order:

1. Dolls. Miss O is rarely without a baby doll. She just loves them. Her dolls go everywhere with her and they do everything with her.

2. Her play kitchen. We have this one:

3. Books. Miss O also loves to read, but she mostly likes to read on her own. It's not uncommon to see her sitting on the couch with a few books and chatting to herself as she makes up the story and turns the pages.

4. Giant blocks. We have these ridiculously giant blocks for climbing that we got at Target a few years ago. Miss O loves them and she climbs all over them. I couldn't find the link to what they look like or I would have posted it.

5. Music. I know music isn't a plaything, but that is what Miss O loves. We do have a little mp3 player for kids and she carries it around and dances to the songs.

6. Cooking. Again, not a plaything, sorry. But she loves to help me cook and measure.

7. Playdough. Miss O loves playdough. She loves smooshing it and ripping it apart. Most of all she loves when I make little playdough babies and strollers and bottles and she plays dolls with her dough!

8. Rice. Yes, she loves playing with rice. Whether we are pouring and scooping or digging for treasures or playing with an I Spy bottle, she loves playing with rice.

9. The dustpan and broom. Maybe this falls under "house", but Miss O loves cleaning up. She likes to play with the dustpan and broom, "shining" shoes and a slew of other house cleaning toys.

10. Puzzles. She's been into puzzles lately. I think she finally figured out how to do them and so it's becoming more enjoyable and less frustrating for her.

What does your little one like to play with?


Ginny said...

My grandchildren and children who come to my house love playing in my dress up clothes. I have quite a lot set up. So I had a fantastic idea the other day. I went and bought a huge mirror and put it on the wall at their level so they can look at themselves all dressed up and prance around and dance in front of it. I will let you know how it turns out.

Mary said...

Thanks for joining in I love to see what other kids like to play with.

Jennifer said...

Ginny--I love that mirror idea. I'm not sure we have room in our playroom for a mirror, but I do think that is a lovely idea. Be sure to let me know how that works out!

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