Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paper Flower

My unit on food has come to an end (though I still have a ton of ideas); now I am moving on, and yesterday we made these simple flowers. My kids loved this project!
All you need is a cupcake liner, some construction paper, a cottonball, glue, and some perfume. Cut out a stem and some leaves from green construction paper. Have the kids glue them on the page. Then flatten a cupcake liner a bit and glue that on as the flower. A cottonball gets glued in the middle of the cupcake liner. Then spray some perfume on the cottonball and let everything dry. There you have it--simple, quick, and oh so fragrant!

I hung these low on our playroom wall that my kids could enjoy them whenever they had the inclination. What a great sensory activity! Try it with your kids!

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