Monday, March 30, 2009

Another File Folder Game

Here is a cute little file folder game you can make at home. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you want with this one. I have to admit, the original idea of using greeting cards as puzzles wasn't mine. I saw it on a blog some time ago, but unfortunately I can't remember which one it was. However, the rest was my idea. I hope you like this one!

I began with two file folders, which I set inside each other at the crease and then used masking tape on either side of the inner folder to hold the two together.

Then I took a bunch of old greeting cards (14 to be exact), and a square craft punch. I punched a square in each greeting card, and then cut off the back side of the card, leaving only the picture. I saved the backs for Little Bean's cutting practice. (You could easily do only this one step and have a wonderful game for your little ones to enjoy).

Next, I used a glue stick to adhere the cards to the inside of the folder. I had so many, that I used the back of the folder too.

I needed a way to keep the game peices together with the folder, so I decided on Velcro. I had some extra sticky back Velcro lying around, so I cut out enough squares of Velcro to put one in each empty square on the greeting cards, and one on the backs of the punched out squares (as well as one for each square to adhere them to the cover of the folders).

Once I did that, I realized that the little squares would not last long being pulled on and off of the folder. So, I laminated them. I have a home laminator, which was not all that expensive, and sure beats shelling out my money at Kinkos. I use my laminator often, so it's been a great investment. Once the squares were laminated, I cut them out and stuck Velcro on the back.

Finally, I organized the squares on the front of the file folders, and the game was finished. Obviously, I chose to do this very elaborately, but you certainly don't have to do that in order to create a fun little game. This game would only take about ten minutes to make if you were just to do the punched out cards and keep everything in a little box or baggie. I wanted mine to be useful in the car or while we waited at restuarants, so I needed something much more durable.
To play, the child chooses a piece from the front cover and then flips through the book until he finds the correct location for the picture. He does this until all the pictures are with the correct card. Then, to put them away, he simply re-attaches them to the front cover of the file folder.

If you try this one, let me know! I'd love to see how it turned out. :)


Annette said...

This is a great use of greeting cards. Unfortunately, other than wedding, baby, and cards from my hubby, most of mine get tossed...but I will start saving them!

Gabriella said...

This is fantastic! I make it in sleeptime!

Michelle said...

Great idea!!!

kelly said...

I just finished making this. What a great idea and so easy to make. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Another wonderful game!

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