Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tot School

From now on, Tot School is just going to feature Miss O, because Little Bean is pretty busy with his Pre-K stuff now, though he still does all these activities as well. I'll also feature activities they chose to do together, which are many. Miss O had a great week. I was really surprised by how much she was getting into the different activities--more so than in the past. I even caught her choosing things all on her own this week, or asking me for certain activities.

Tot School
Miss O is 2.5.
This week in Tot School:

Miss O did some beading:
And tried the Geo Board again. I was so proud of her--she managed to use all ten rubber bands, and stuck with the activity much longer than in the past.

She sorted the nesting dolls. We got this in China Town a while back--a set of 7 for only 10 dollars!

She did these puzzles for a while:

And then pulled out the alphabet puzzle. She needed a lot of help with this one since she doesn't know her letters all that well yet.

She played with her princess computer:

And strung paper jewels on a pipe cleaner:

And finally, jars and lids again. She loves this activity:

Together Little Bean and Miss O did magnetic foam structures:

And worked on this sequencing puzzle (first, then, last). Little Bean worked really hard on this one and completed 11 sets of three. Miss O worked equally hard, but she only completed three sets of cards. Just goes to show that this is a really challenging activity for her.

They read together:

And the three of us played Bingo

Reading together again:
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TheRockerMom said...

You are doing such a great job with them!! RockerTot loves lids and jars... but he can't really do them yet. I love that alphabet puzzle. Where did you get it?

~ Angi :) said...

The matching cards splayed out on the floor look wonderful! Did you create them?

Jennifer said...

Rocker Mom--I love that puzzle too! It's been really challenging for both the kiddos. I got it at Ross (which is a discount store here).

Angi--No way, I'm not that talented! Those I also got at Ross some time back. They've just gotten more interested in them recently.

Bernadete said...

Looks like they had a great week! I love the nest dolls.

Joannof10 said...

What a great week you had!! My Luke is almost 4 so he will be graduating out of tot-school into preschool soon!! They are getting big too fast!

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