Saturday, March 28, 2009

Speaking of Writing Books

Yes, I am shamelessly bragging on my kid in this post, but if not on my personal blog, then where else can I brag?? :)

So, speaking of writing books, here's Little Bean's latest book, my personal favorite! It's called "Go to Bed, His Name", and it features a list of each thing he does in order to prepare for bed. We've been reading Bedtime For Francis as part of his Pre K curriculum, and I thought this would be a really fun way to integrate parts of the story into his real life.

To make this book, I used Microsoft Word's clip art, and printed off pictures that represented all the things Little Bean does before bed. His list included: taking his vitamins, brushing his teeth and doing his inhaler, reading stories, putting on his pajamas, getting good night kisses and even using the restroom. First he sequenced the pictures in the order that they normally happen. We had to do this a few times, switching the cards around to make them just right. Then he glued each picture in order into a blank book (I just used computer paper, folded in half, and stapled at the binding). Finally, he dictated to me the story and then drew illustrations for the cover and the final page.

This one turned out so cute! I love how each sentence is a command to him, and ends in his name. "Let me do your puffer for you, His Name!"(his "puffer" refers to his asthma control inhaler) and "Eat your vitamins, His Name!". And on the cover, notice the giant circle with a line and then a rectangle connected to it--he quickly explained to me that that is his paper lantern, which hangs in the middle of his room and the cord is strung and taped near his bed so he has access to the switch at night. I love the attention to detail!


Momma Snail said...

He did such a fabulous job! I love the details he put into him in the bed with is light. Genius!

Christy said...

Cool! I have been cutting pictures and words out of magazines for my son to write books with.

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