Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Felt Food

You didn't think I could stop at just one felt egg, did you??? No, instead I have been busily making more felt food, and I have some pictures to show you. I free handed all the food, so I don't have patterns, but I do search on etsy for good ideas, and this blog inspired the cheeses and the bag of chips (she also offers free patterns)! Everything is hand-sewn except for the raviolis and the chips. I also have another Pop Tart, some orange slices, and M & M cookies in the works! I want to finish my sandwhich, but I need help with the bread, so if you know of a good tutorial on that, I'd appreciate the advice!

Here are my latest felt foods:


Michelle said...

You are so talented...these look amazing. I am getting motivated to make some for Emily!!

I love reading your blog and getting great ideas to use with my daughter so I gave you an award over at my blog.

N said...

these are awesome! the swiss cheese is my favorite!

Tati said...

These are so incredible! What a great job you did. Thanks for sharing!

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