Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tot School

Whew! We did A LOT this week in Tot School (even more than what is pictured here). In addition to all you see here, Little Bean started his Pre-K curriculum last week, and that went great!! He absolutely loves the Moving Beyond the Page curriculum, and Miss O has been listening in on it as well, though she doesn't show interest in any of the extension activities. And I love the Right Start Math! It's so easy for me--no planning at all, which I love. And yet, even though there is no planning, he gets a solid lesson from it every day. But, I digress. This post is about Tot School, and this will be one of the last Tot School posts featuring Little Bean, though I know that he will continue to do all this stuff everyday anyway!

Tot School
Miss O is 2.5 and Little Bean is almost 4.
This week in Tot School:

Miss O quizzed Little Bean on his -at family words--he got them all right! I was so proud!
They made magnetic foam structures together:

Daddy played K'nex with them. The K'nex rarely come out, so this was exciting for them.
Miss O:

Did this baby animal match game I made:
And pushed foam circles into the correct colored squares:

Then she turned the animal match game over and matched colors instead:

She strung Unifix cubes:
And played with felt:

Little Bean:
Strung a bead neclace:

And did some push pin paper punching:

He spent some time with his scissors and playdough:
And sequenced these nesting dolls from largest to smallest:
Again with the math game this week:
And finally the felt:

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Annette said...

I'm interested in your two felt boards you showed in this post. How did you make...or did you buy the animals. Is the barn always a barn that is glued together, or do the kids make it each time? Maybe you can post about it! Or just let me know!

Jennifer said...

Annette--the large blue one on the wall--I made. I just took a big piece of felt and a stiff piece of posterboard from the craft store. Then I just cut the felt to size, leaving room to wrap it around the back and glue it. I attached sticky back velcro so that it'd stay on the wall. The lap ones, I found at a thrift store, with a bunch of felt pieces too. I wish you would have asked sooner because I had six of those felt boards that came in the pack and just gave away four of them on Craigslist! I could have sent you one! I'm sure you could easily make a lap one with stiff posterboard too.

Bernadete said...

Looks like a great week. I recently bought felt for my daughter, but my pices do not stick well together, is there a trick?

TheRockerMom said...

I am fascinated by the foam magnets. I have never seen anything like them before. I'm going to try a some variations on push pin paper punching with RockerTot this week. Thanks for sharing!

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