Sunday, April 12, 2009

Balloon Sensory Game

This is a fun little game that I saw on Chasing Cheerios a while back. All you need is several small balloons in two different colors, and something to fill them with. I used a funnel to fill four orange balloons and four yellow balloons with any little thing I could find. I used rice for one match, garbonzo beans for another, round sprinkles for another, and salt for the last. Then I tied them off, and the game was ready for the eager hands of my littles ones.

To play, the child chooses one balloon of each color and squeezes them, trying to tell if they are a match, based only on the texture of the balloon (they aren't supposed to look too closely at the balloons because they do show the texture through the balloon). Both my kids enjoyed this activity, and both were able to make matches. This was so simple and quick to make. I also love the bright colors of the balloons, and the fact that they must match them based only (or mostly) on their sense of touch.


Christy said...

I saw that on Chasing Cheerios too; I have to try that. I just noticed that you use Moving Beyond the Page - I ordered it last week and we are anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Jennifer said...

Christy--yes, we started Moving Beyond the Page a month or two ago, and the kids have really enjoyed it. The only "complaint" I have is that it's a bit of work to find all the books needed for each lesson. We have three libaries in our town, and I viist them all every two weeks to stock up on all the books I need for lesson planning. That is in addition to our regular books we check out, so we end up visiting the library quite often. You'll have to let me know how you like it!!

Christy said...

Thanks. I'll let you know. I just got a confirmation that our package shipped. I think I'm going to try the balloon activity today because both of my little ones are sick and we need something relaxing to do.

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