Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tot School

I usually write these on Friday nights and then post on Sunday, but somehow I hit the wrong button and it posted today, so here is our Tot School week in review:

Tot School
Miss O did a few puzzles:

And did some pouring and scooping with her rice tray:

She sequenced these bears:

And "read" her book about animals and shapes:

She did this heads and tail matching game (all of my Brown Bear, Brown Bear stuff is from this wonderful site):

Miss O played some I Spy:

And checked out our new feely board:

She did these nesting dolls too. She loves these, and I am so impressed that she knows how to put it all back together each time:
And here she is with her "blower" that she built from Unifix cubes:
Building the "blower":


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

fun stuff! I love the unifex cubes!!!:) and the brown bear puzzles!!

Anonymous said...

Such fun ideas. I love the nesting doll and the feely board :-)

K, @ Heart said...

Did you color the rice yourself?

Jennifer said...

K--yes, it's really easy to do too. I made a post about it--check it out!

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