Thursday, April 30, 2009

Elmer the Elephant

We went to the libary today, and the librarian read this book during story time. I thought little Elmer the elephant was just so cute, so we decided to make him ourselves. To make this, I free-handed a head, body and trunk of an elephant on white paper. I cut them out, and then glued them to a bit of card board to keep them stiff. Then I had the kids paint different colored squares on Elmer using a kitchen sponge cut up into squares. Once he dried, I cut him out of the cardboard, and we glued on sequin eyes and the trunk.

You'll notice Little Bean's elephant is missing a head--he was gluing on the eyes and then attached the trunk, asking me if that was how we were going to assemble him. I thought little Elmer was so cute this way that we left him. We added a yarn tail to his Elmer.
Miss O also got creative with hers. I had intended for them to put the head kind of off to the side, but she insisted that the head should go directly on top. :) So, of course, we left hers that way too.


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

we love elmer he is soo cute!

The Adventures of Bear said...

Very cute idea! I love how even though this is kind of a craft, it is more open-ended, allowing them to be more creative (the colors they choose, how they sponge their squares, where they place the heads). I'll have to see if my tiny library here has the book.

Miller Moments said...

That is so adorable. We have a bunch of Elmer books, plus Elmer Dominoes and an Elmer stuffed animal....this would be a great activity for my kids!

Michelle said...

Those are two, too cute elephants!

Chawksgirl4ever said...

those are adorable!!!

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