Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice Cream Shoppe in a Box

Every so often we receive a free coupon magazine in the mail called Clipper's Magazine. This past weekend, we received one, and on the front cover was an ad for a local ice cream parlor. The ad was like a little game of 'choose your own toppings', and they had pictured a bowl of frozen yogurt and then to the side a variety of toppings you could choose from. They added little dotted lines around each topping and a picture of scissors, indicating that you could cut out the toppings and decorate your bowl of ice cream. Obviously, no normal person looking at this magazine would even think about playing this game, but I immediately saw the potential for a fun little game for my kids. :)

I love making games for my kids, and if I can do it for free, all the better. I cut out the bowl of ice cream and the toppings and laminated them on my home laminator. Then I added sticky back magnetic tape to the back of the toppings and adhered the bowl of ice cream to a sheet of magnetic paper and then cut it out. I stored all of it in a metal tin with a latch, which I plan to use in the car. Who doesn't love decorating their own ice cream?? And of course, I ran to my mom's house and asked for her Clipper's magazine so that I could make a second set so the kids could each have their own bowl of ice cream!



Christy said...

What a great idea!

Annette said...

Sometimes you are just TOO clever. :) Thanks for sharing!

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