Monday, April 27, 2009

A Kite

I saw this cute little kite on A Mommy's Adventures, and thought I'd give it a go with the kids. Little Bean was in a foul mood all day, so this activity was only for Miss O and I (Little Bean spent most of the day in and out of time out). I started by cutting out a large diamond from construction paper. Then I took some scrap paper of different colors and cut out a bunch of triangles to decorate the kite. Miss O glued those on while I cut a piece of lanyard string and a bunch of colored straws up for lacing the tail of the kite. I also cut out four paper bows to add to the tail. She strung three straw pieces and then one bow until the tail was full. To make a hole in the bow, I just cut a slit and slid them on. I believe a hole punch would be too large and all the bows would fall to the bottom of the tail instead of being space out. Once the tail was done, I taped it to the back, and wa-la, we were done. All in all, a very calming activity for a hectic afternoon.


Michelle said...

Oh so cute...I love your idea for the tail of the kite!!

Annette said...


Did you happen to post a comment for my giveaway? If you did, would you post again, leaving your email (in case another Jennifer leaves a message) to clarify. If it was you, clicking your name doesn't send me to you. FYI.

Jennifer said...

Annette--Actually, I haven't entered yet! But thanks for the heads up--I'll make sure if I enter that I leave a way to get back to me. :)

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