Monday, April 20, 2009

A Super Blog Award

Wow, thanks Christy for this awesome blog award. It always encourages me to continue blogging when I am honored by a blog award. Here are the rules for this one:

1. Tape the graphic up on your blog somewhere.

2.Pass it along to 5 fellow super bloggers, and comment on their blog to let them know how lucky they are today!

3. When you present your Super Blogger awards, link back to the super blogger who gave it to you.

Here are my top five for today, and I'll just say a little something about each of them, because these aren't your typical homeschooling blogs, but even still, I love them all. Knowing them (through their blogs) as I do, I am pretty sure none of them are the type to pass on an award like this, but even so, they are SUPER BLOGGERS, and that is what this award is about! Who knows, maybe they will surprise me and pass it on, which would be awesome too!

1. Wishful Wanderlust--former school teacher, turned unschooler, raising teenagers who are both unschooled and public schooled. What I love about her blog is that she is so authentic. Her blog has given me a much better understanding of unschooling as well.

2. Kelly the Kitchen Kop--Busting "Politically Correct" Nutrition. She is my one stop shop for all things food related. I first ran into her blog when seeking more information on artificial colors in food. And, she has convinced me never to eat another McDonald's hamburger again!

3. One Child Policy Homeschool--Homeschooling mom to one, living in People's Republic of China. I really love reading her blog because she talks a lot about her experiences in the Chinese culture and shares beautiful photos of her life there. I have a special place in my heart for China too--DH and I have both lived there in the past, he for more than 5 years (!), and we desire to move there full time in the future.

4. The Best Days of My Life--I know this blogger personally, and I'll admit it, I am addicted to her blog. She is not a homeschooler, she is a writer. And she always (generally daily) has some wonderful words of wisdom to share with her readers.

5. Snazzle Craft--this is a pretty sweet craft blog. This is where I got my felt food pattern for the chip bag and chips. I've also made a ring she posted about. She always has great ideas, which I love to check out. If I was more crafty, I would try more of them.


Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Thanks Jennifer! I wish I could convince my teenager of the same thing! :)


Sarah Markley said...

thank you sooo much Jennifer!! you are so sweet. and your words about me are kind. i love the grey sidebars here. the pix of the kiddos are adorable too. =)

Christy said...

I'm going to check out those blogs. One of the best things about awards is finding great blogs that other people enjoy reading.

piscesgrrl said...

Wow - thanks! I appreciate your kind words and look forward to poking around your blog now. So fun connecting with other homeschoolers! You're right that I don't always get around to passing on memes and awards and such, but I'll sure try. :)

Jimmie said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and cute award to "tape" up. That's funny! I like it!

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