Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Couple Awards to Give Away!

A sweet blogger, Momma Snail, has wonderful homeschooling blog about her two little ones, who are pretty close in age to my two. She always has lots of interesting things to say, so be sure to hop on over to her blog and check it out. She was gracious enough to think of me when passing on a few blog awards she recently received. Since she passed out so many awards at once, I am just going to pass on each award to one person--frankly, I am running out of blogs to award! All the blogs I read are so good, and I *think* I have passed an award out to almost all the blogs I regularly visit!
The Queen of ALL things Awesome award goes to Jennifer at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman, just because she posts new craft ideas nearly every day, and always has something interesting that I want to copy and do with my kids.

The Friendship Award goes to Annette at The Whipples, because she is always so friendly, and just has a way about her when she blogs that makes you feel right at home with her and her little family.

The Sisterhood Award goes to:

Christy over at Superheroes and Princesses and Sheena at Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary because they are both loyal commenters on my blog (something I am not the best at, though I am a loyal reader of all the blogs I follow). Commenting is such an important part of the blogging world because it brings people together for encouragement and support.

The Kreative Blogger Award goes to Little Hands, Big Work, because she is always making new games and activities for her little ones. She is one creative lady!

And finally, a word about the awards--my husband is always asking me what the whole thing about awards is about, and to me, it's this: Blog awards are one way that bloggers can connect with other people who share the same interests and passions. For me, all of the awards I have received have come from fellow homeschoolers or moms with young children. And that is mainly the kind of people I pass awards on to as well. Why? The awards are just another way (besides commenting and following) that we can let each other know that 1) someone is reading, 2) there are other blogs out there that are interesting and worth looking at. So, to those I passed the awards on to--thank you for being extraordinary women who take the time to share you wonderful ideas with us via blogging! :)

I am scheduling this out, so some of you may see it before I have a chance to leave a comment letting you know I have passed out an award to you--that's fine. You don't need to wait to receive my comment before passing your awards on. Oh, and, there were a couple other awards on Momma Snail's blog that she was passing out, but I wasn't clear on what they were for, so I didn't pass them along. Also, I was confused about whether she meant to give all the awards to each person she passed them onto, or just one per person. So, maybe she will happen on this post and enlighten me! Either way, thanks, Momma Snail for thinking of me and my blog!


Christy said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you thinking of me. I will pass the award along asap. Also, thank you for the info on the Guidecraft puzzle. I never even thought of using the bag in that way.

Annette said...

Thank you! Your words about my writing really made me smile. When you return from vacation you'll have to read my confession post to feel even more at home with me! Thank you for the friend award!

I hope you are enjoying your family vacation!

Jennifer said...

Annette--glad I could make you smile. :) I'm not on vacation though?? Perhaps you have me confused with another blogger? Or maybe because I said I was scheduling the post out, you thought I was on vaca? I schedule most of my posts out though, so that I can have them post day by day instead of just whenever I have a chance to write them. I'll have to hop over and see your confessions post.

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