Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Late Tot School

We were traveling from last Thursday to this Tuesday, so we had only a partial Tot School week last week. I usually post Tot School on Sundays, but since we were gone, it didn't happen until today. Enjoy our late Tot School post! FYI, all the printable games and books you see in this post came from here and here.

Tot School

Miss O is 2 years and 10 months.

This week in Tot School:

Daddy told another felt bedtime story:
Miss O matched up letters on this homemade Sequence board that DH made with letters from a alphabet puzzle we have:
Miss O spent some time with the lentil tray:
And matched up Easter eggs. She does okay with this as long as there is only one color of each side of the eggs:
Here she is Sequencing monkeys I printed off and laminated:
And matching foam letters to the Sequence game:
Here she is with the sequencing puzzle:
And circling shapes that she sees in her shape book. Both of these I printed and laminated as well:
Miss O played with the magnetic foam structures:
And lastly, she, Little Bean and Daddy played this homemade version of Sequence, using letters I printed off the internet:


Annette said...

Great ideas, as always. Some day I'll join the tot school fun!

Annette said...

Okay...I'm back. Did you print the ABC sheet from Carissa too?

Jennifer said...

Annette--Nope--my husband just wrote them out on a piece of graph paper using a black Sharpie, and then stuck a sticker in each corner. But the abc game cards are from Carisa.

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