Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pretty Sweet Dollar Store Toy

While traveling in Oklahoma this week I came across these letter and number stamps at the dollar store. The kids had a good time trying them out this morning. Miss O even pretended that that they were candles on a birthday cake. :) The dollar store is such a great place to find inexpensive school supplies and toys.
Which dollar store do you like the most? And what are some of your great finds?


Christy said...

I like Dollar Tree. I have found so many great things there. Recently, we bought paper lanterns, word strips, foam shape stickers, and craft supplies.

Those stampers look cool.

Annette said...

I guess the one I like is Dollar Tree too, bc I have access to it. :) I don't go often, but it's a great source for sidewalk chalk and some board boooks.

Which dollar store did you find the stamps?

J. Nalley said...

Dollar Tree!! But they can vary in what they have. I am a pre-school teacher so I find "teacher stuff" there like bulletin board borders and signs, word strips, stamps, board books, craft supplies etc. But I also find fun things to use for texture and painting like scrub brushes, soap savers, sponges, and plastic gloves. Recently I bought some long bamboo stakes to stake my tomato plants! Yup, loving the Dollar Tree!

Michelle said...

Those are great!! I like the Dollar Tree...they have a great teacher supply section. I have also gotten some nice books there.

Jennifer said...

Annette--this wasn't a chain dollar store where I found the stamps. It was just a little $1 shop we happened upon in the Target parking lot in Tulsa!

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