Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Cards

I saw these on Let's Explore and decided we should whip up a batch to give to Grandma for Mother's Day. To make these, I first taped down a piece of wax paper with masking tape, and then taped a square in the center of our wax paper. I had the kids paint a smooth layer of paint inside the square, and then use a Q-tip to make a drawing in the paint. I used a wet wipe to clean the edges of the square, so that the paint was only left in the inside of the square. The final step was to take a blank card (folded cardstock) and press it over the painted square. Once they dried, the kids used stamps to put sweet sayings inside the card, like joy, love and family.


Michelle said...

They look amazing...I think Emily will be making some of these too!

Amy@Let's Explore said...

Yay! They turned out super-cute. Happy Mother's Day!

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