Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Reading Corner

I set up a little reading corner the other day, in the empty walk in closet in our playroom. The kids really loved having a special little space just for them to sit and read to themselves. I added a pair of "reading" glasses for each of them, (without lenses of course!) just to make the experience a little more fun and unique.


Momma Snail said...

We are working on our reading corners. One is under the vanity in my bathroom! I *have* to go out and get reading glasses for the kids. That's a genius idea! I love it! Your reading area looks so cozy and inviting.

Michelle said...

We have a "Book Nook" in Emily's pop up tent. She loves to bring her books in there to read. I love the reading glasses idea...Miss O looks so cute with them on!!

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