Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Miss O is 2 years and 9 months old.
This week in Tot School:
Miss O made another contact paper collage:
She played with the open and shut game:
She sorted puff balls by color (she has pretty much mastered this, so I probably won't be doing this one again):
Miss O strung heart beads on pipe cleaner:
And Little Bean, Miss O and I played Dora dominos:
Daddy engaged them in a little game of Bingo before dinner one night:
Miss O made up a story using her magnetic board and fish magnets:
She worked on this sequencing puzzle:
And did the mama and baby animal match (she has mastered this as well, so I think I'll be retiring this one):
Miss O played with this magnetic dress up puzzle:
And of course, she tried out the Sesame Street felt before we gave it to S and J. It looks like Elmo to me, how about to you?? ;)
Jars and Lids here. I've had some comments about the use of glass jars, and have come up with a solution--jarred fruits and applesauce both come in plastic jars with screw on lids (pictured here). Also, S and J's mom blogged about using Tupperware containers as a non-breakable alternative and said her littles ones loved it! She was even able to find containers of different shapes to make it more interesting.
Here Miss O is doing a Tangram pattern. She is getting really into these lately:
Squeeze and Match. Once again, something she has mastered, so I guess I need to start making some new activities for her!
My mom brought over this really cool black paper that you scratch and it reveals rainbow colored paper underneath. Miss O used one of my homemade stencils because the stencils that came with this kit were too complicated for her age:
Here she is making some icecream: ;)
And finally, completing these two piece puzzles (a thrift store find!):


Christy said...

I like the sequencing puzzle; where did you get it? Also, we recently used that scratch paper after story hour at the library and I meant to pick some up to use at home - it is so cool!

Annette said...

We got the last puzzle sets for Christmas...two parts to each picture, right? There are so many that I divide them into smaller sets so we only do a bit at a time. Did you get all three sets? We have only opened two of the three...but that won't last much longer.

Sheena said...

I love that Leap Frog Bingo game. Does it have a spinner on it? I have those same Tangrams for my daughter and I think we'll try them out this week for the first time. She's almost 3 but I think that she'll be able to do them pretty good.

Jennifer said...

Christy--the sequencing puzzle was from Ross--a discount store near us. I'm not sure if they are nationwide or not???

Annette--Yes, two parts to each puzzle. Miss O really liked these ones. Ours (since they were from the thrift store) were already open, so I just took some from each section for her to try--about 7 or 8 puzzles at a time.

Sheena--Yes, it has a spinner. I am really happy with the Leap Frog game. It has colors, shapes, animals, even addition for the older players. :)

pucktricks said...

we might need to get that bingo game.

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