Sunday, May 3, 2009

WIll Someone Make Me a Button??

Pretty please?!? :) I would LOVE to have a button of my own for my sidebar that people could pick up and put on their blog and have a direct link back to my blog. However, I don't know how to format one myself (or how to put the html code on my blog sidebar). Are there any savvy computer-literate bloggers out there who would be so kind as to make me one?? I can make the graphic in my scrapbooking program, so all you'd need to do is format the html for me. In return, I would put your button on my side bar, and of course, I would make a thank you post linking back to your blog. If anyone is interested in doing something like this, please leave a comment, and I will contact you with my email address. Thanks in advance!!


Keri said...

i'd love too- i might not have time before mothers day though- but if you would like then just email me at

my website is:

let me know! i love your blog by the way!

Jennifer said...

Keri--thank you! I'm totally excited to have a button of my very own! ;) I'll email you once Mother's Day is over and we can talk about it. Thanks again!

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