Saturday, June 20, 2009


I saw this spelling activity on Explorations and thought it was a such a cute and simple idea! To make this activity, I simply used stickers that represented some easy to spell (sound out) words and magnetic letters. After gathering my stickers, I went through the magnetic letters and spelled the words that matched the pictures. In an egg carton (this is our nature box, lol), I placed the picture and the appropriate letters in each egg cup. Little Bean removed the picture, said the word slowly, and then formed the words using the magnetic letters. He really enjoyed this activity, and we've done it twice in two day's time! I love that this activity forces him to blend the sounds in order to figure out what sound comes next. He still has some trouble blending, so this activity will really help strengthen him in that area. You may notice I used the word sock; even though it isn't really a word you can sound out, he has read it many times in his reading lessons, so I wanted to see if he could reproduce it. Final answer--not exactly. But, he did sound it out as best as he could, spelling it s-o-k.

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