Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Workboxes


The Workbox System, created by Sue Patrick, is a organizational tool used by some homeschooling families, including myself. The Weekly Workbox post is a weekly post I do displaying some of the things my kids are learning and some of the activities I am putting into our workboxes. If you use workboxes, please feel free to use the Mcklinky at the bottom of this post to link up to the exact blog post you have written about your workbox system. I love to see what other homeschooling moms are doing and how they are utilizing the workbox system in their homes! Also, feel free to grab my weekly workbox button from my side bar to include in your weekly workbox post if you like! It will link your readers back to my blog so that if they too would like to participate or check in on other bloggers who link up to the workbox posts they can do so easily.

Little Bean was suffering from hives this week, so we really only had school time twice, near the end of the week. However, I did plan some fun activities, and the kids seemed to really enjoy their boxes.

Miss O worked on "S" in her ETC Book B and on the Magic C in her HWT program. I made a paper napkin bunny to introduce her to the Magic C (this was part of the lesson plan):
Here, Miss O matched the initial sound to the correct picture. She did very well with this!
This is a magnetic/not magnetic activity. The wand is from our McRuffy Science Kit:
Miss O played with these magnetic foam blocks to make interesting structures:
And she matched easter eggs:
Miss O (as always) joined Little Bean for Sentence School, Handwriting Without Tears, and Science.
Little Bean worked on copy work today for the first time in our grammar curriculum:
Here are the manipulatives for our letter of the day:
And our McRuffy Science curriculum. We finished up our unit on magnetics. This day, the kids were about to see how magnetic force can be demonstrated with the use of iron fillings. They were both so captivated with the magnet unit!
Little Bean worked with stencils--his new obsession. We borrowed these ones from my mom, but I also like to make them out of old plastic lids by just cutting out a shape in the lid for him to trace.
Our reading lesson. We started this book over about 8 weeks ago, and are on lesson 28 (ish). He is doing well, but he doesn't love this book:
Here's our math work. On this day, we worked on the concept of zero:
And our spelling curriculum. Bean did pretty well naming the final sounds this day. Used to be he would always automatically tell me the initial sound, but now he can name the final sound pretty easily:
And lastly, since we have been working on evens and odds in RS, I made up this little worksheet. He was supposed to count the dots, write the number in the first box, and in the second box put an E for even or and O for odd. He did quite well with this:
So that was a snippet of our week. What did you do this week?


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

You always have such wonderful ideas for your workboxes! I like the matching the initial sound box and the stencil one too. Stencils are a big hit around here too!

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Looks like I can give both kids and Mommy an "A+".
Great job!

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