Monday, October 26, 2009

Down On the Farm

We took a trip out to a local farm this past weekend with my parents, and my brother and his family. The kids had lots of fun hanging out with their cousins, picking fresh, organic vegetables and pumpkins, and riding in a tractor-pulled wagon. They pretty much hated the petting zoo though. They were both crying and terrified of the giant goats begging for food. :(

Seriously, picking fresh veggies straight from the ground was just about as fun as trick or treating for these two.

And then, they both passed out on the way home. :)

A good time had by all!


Adriana said...

Sounds like fun! D hates the pushy goats too! :)

N said...

So cute!! Look at the pure joy on their little faces in that first pic!

Sheri said...

Oh how I miss those precious years. Say, thanks for offering up a good suggestion-I really like it! Hopefully One More Equals Four will too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and blessings to you.
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