Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Workboxes

Busy week here! Here's a sampling of what's been in our workboxes this week!

Bean and Miss O worked on their handwriting with Handwriting Without Tears K:
We also did some Grammar with our Sentence School curriculum. I don't love this's really repetitive, which I guess is good, but it gets boring day after day.
For science, we talked about different types of birds and their characteristics (beaks, feathers, feet). Then the kids drew their own birds.
Here's a scarecrow craft that I saw on No Time For Flashcards. These turned out super cute! More on these in another post though!
We are officially half way through 100 Lessons now!
Bean and I played several math games with our Right Start curriculum this day. If anyone is interested, leave a comment and I can do a post on some of the games we played this day.
Bean finished up with a little free time on the white board. You'll notice Miss O has a white board in her boxes as well--it's because I took these pics on separate days, not because we have two white boards!

Miss O started out with a little dress-up doll game. I've been meaning to do a post on this toy. You can find out more about it here:
Then we moved on to her Explode the Code and Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. She is such a workbook girl, which is very unlike Little Bean, so it's definitely a different experience teaching her.
This is a simple counting activity I did with her. We counted the circles and then stamped out the correct number. Of course, I'm hoping she will use Right Start Math someday, so I arranged the circles in the "5 and" format to get her used to seeing things that way.
Here is a spooning activity. Miss O really likes these kinds of activities.
And the whiteboard.
This flower matching game is from
And this is just a free stamping activity. The kids both love stamping, even if most of our stamps are left over holiday stamps.

If you are interested in linking up a post you have done about the workbox system, please use the Mcklinky below and link to the direct post you have done!

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