Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scare Crow Cuteness

So, I was searching No Time For Flashcards, which is my one stop shop for all things crafty for the kiddos and found this scare crow. I slipped the materials into a workbox last week, and each of them was able to comeplete this totally on their own after I just quickly showed them what it was supposed to look like. I did all the cutting for Miss O, but had Little Bean do some of the cutting for his. Notice he uses the scraps from cutting for legs and feet for his scarecrow!

Here is Miss O's "super" scare crow version. I guess she thought the red triangle was a mask?? ;)
And Bean's scare crow with the add on feet:
Visit No Time for Flashcards for the full explanation on how to make this fall craft.

1 comment:

Too Many Hats said...

LOL - she was very inventive to make the triangle a mask. Both are very cute.

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