Monday, October 5, 2009

Guinea Pigs Anyone?

I confess, I have guinea pigs on the brain in a big way. A friend from a message board I frequent recently was talking about her new pet guinea pigs, and it prompted me to do a little research on them to see if they would be an appropriate pet for our family.

Up until a few months ago we had two tiny red-earred sliders (turtles) which the kids enjoyed, but didn't get to handle a lot just because they aren't really the type of pet you can cuddle with. Once they passed on, we spent a few months petless until the guinea pig idea entered my mind.

I found out that due to over-breeding, many guinea pigs are being put to sleep in over crowded shelters, just as unwanted cats and dogs are. In our area there is actually a guinea pig rescue mission that removes mistreated and sick guinea pigs and restores them to health, and then places them in foster homes until they can be re-homed. We spent some time thinking about it, and we have finally decided to apply to adopt two little piggies! On the rescue mission website, you can view the guinea pigs that are up for adoption, and we chose to apply for two female adult guinea pigs, named Chloe and Amelia. Both were given as babies to a little girl for her birthday, but she no longer wanted them and so they were taken to a shelter, and from there rescued and put into foster homes.

Now we are just waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I hope we hear back from the rescue mission soon! I can't wait to meet the two newest members of our family--1 year olds Chloe and Amelia! :)


Too Many Hats said...

Piggies are soooo cute! We have several friends with them and some that even show them. They are wonderful pets. We already had cats before we found out about pigs, so we opted not to get any.

N said...

I can't wait till your piggies come home! lol :)

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