Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Homeschool Lounge

I joined the Homeschool Lounge a few months ago, but I'm feeling a bit lost over there. I've searched around in the forums and done a bit of dabbling, but without a big chunk of time to donate to exploring the site, I haven't had much luck getting connected over there. Does anyone else belong, and do you have any newbie tips for me?


Jenny said...

I also joined awhile back and it's kind of dull over there. I don't check in much anymore.

I have an award for you!

Sharon said...

I am a memeber there and I check the posts a couple times a week. I have also asked a few questions. I have found it to be helpful and encouraging/motivating. You do get good ideas for great resources.

SAHMinIL said...

I belong. What I do is have all new forum post emailed to me. That way I can read the titles of the post and if (based on the title) it sound of interest to me then I check it out.

If you go to the forum page at end of forum titles you will see the words "Notify – Email me when there are new discussions". Click on the word notify and you will get a email anytime there is a NEW forum post. (not reply post, just a email notification that a post has been started)

That email will tell you the post title, who post it, and will give you a URL to follow that will take you directly to that post. Like I said I just read the titles and if the title seems of interest then I check it out.

I also have my privacy setting set up so when I reply to a discussions I automatically get emails anytime there is a new reply. I still have to visit the site to read the replies, and if I get tired of following that discussion then I just click on the URL provided in the email to stop following.

It's my opinion that 80% of the stuff that takes place on THL takes place in the forums, so having auto emails really does help. (in my opinion). That's all I do!

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