Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dry Erase Board

We purchased this dry erase board a few months back from Toys R Us. I was thinking it'd be neat for use with Little Bean's worksheets (to make them reusable). You can slide a sheet of paper behind the clear dry erase board and use it again and again. The kit comes with several activities and sheets to slid behind the window as well.

As it turns out, this was way more of a hit with Miss O than with Bean. She asks to draw on this a lot, and this day she worked really hard on the above drawing. It may not look like much to you, but she was SO proud of herself, and once finished, refused to erase it because she was saving it to show Daddy when he got home from work. FYI, the sheet underneath is a square grid, so she was tracing--don't think she can draw that many squares on her own! Even still, I think she did great!


Adriana said...

Thanks for reminding me! We have a dry erase board but I never get it out.

Lea said...

I really like that you can slide a piece of paper in it and trace and such. I have to look for those. Are they by Crayola?

I think she did a great job!

Kayla said...

Every time I could see kids that so engrossed with their artworks,I find them so cute and funny. Specially when you see their facial expression that they are aiming something. A goal that wants them to finish it and makes the artworks look perfect.

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