Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pigs

Remember I said we wanted to adopt a couple guinea pigs??? Well, they are finally here! Things didn't work out to get Amelia and Chloe (the two pigs we applied for); instead, we got these two sweet little bundles, and we are all so in love with them (me more than anyone else though!).

Guinea pigs aren't "just" rodents--You wouldn't think it, but they are actually very sweet and have little personalities all their own. Our two piggies, who are about 3 or 4 months old are as sweet as can be. Both will sit still on your lap and just relax while you pet them, making little squeaks and noises to show you that they are happy. They also love to run around their cage chasing each other, zipping behind their hidey houses and "popcorning" (ie. jumping) up and down in excitement. They steal each other's food too. It's not uncommon to see them playing tug of war with their dinner vegetables!

This one is yet to be named. We keep calling her "the brown one", so hopefully we can come up with a name soon! I just had to share this picture because her eye is just so buggy in this picture, which is totally her personality. She is so skittish! When you come near the cage or make any sudden noise she runs off to hide. Once you can get hold of her though, she is a real sweetie. She is munching on an orange pepper here; can't you just see her saying, "Stay away from my pepper!"??
Here is a better shot of her where she doesn't look so nervous!
And this is Pepper. Miss O named her that because she said that her ears look like little pepperonis! ;) I can see what she is saying--they are kind of thin and floppy like a pepperoni! Pepper is the sweetest pig ever! She doesn't run away when you come to pick her up, she will just let you lift her. She is very trusting, and overall, just a lot more serene than her "sister". She is significantly smaller than "the brown one", and it's funny because she seems to look up to her and copy what she does. Sometimes you will see "the brown one" start grooming and next thing you know Pepper is grooming too. Or when we take then out to exercise in the hall (they love that!), Pepper follows "the brown one" around and copies everything she does. So sweet!

So those are the two newest additions to our family. Aren't they cute!!??


Kirsten, Chris, Jacob and Sarah said...

They are gorgeous!

Mama Jane said...

Suggestions for names: My first thought was something like Cali because she is sort of a calico, but keeping along the "spice" theme of Pepper maybe something like Cinny, Ginger, Nutmeg or Paprika. (ok so I can't spell w/o spell check, but I think you all can get the idea of my suggestions.)

Have fun with your new pets.

Too Many Hats said...

They are adorable! Maybe the brown one could be Roni. Then you would have Pepper & Roni :) When you called them together you would call PepperRoni - hahaha

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