Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alphabet Mini Books

Have you seen these Itsy Bitsy Books? Nicole, over at The Activity Mom made a post about these quite some time back. When I ran across her post in the archives, I fell in love with these books! I'm totally enchanted by their size! ;) Each book is printable and can be folded into an alphabet mini book that requires no tape or staples. The site doesn't include all the letters (they left out the vowels!?!), but the ones they have made available sure are cute! Each book focuses on one letter and has tiny pictures to color and letters to trace. I have already printed them and have a few folded for Miss O! I plan to use them in conjunction with our Go For The Code Primer, and have her color one picture per day in the corresponding letter book. Go check out Nicole's post here to hear how she uses them with her little one!

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