Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly Workboxes

Just featuring Little Bean's boxes this time--for some reason the pictures were not uploading correctly, so this is all I could do.

Here is Bean's reading lesson. We are close to Lesson 60 now.
Here is Bean's Right Start Math box. We do this 4 times a week, and generally speaking, Little Bean enjoys and understand the material. This time we played a little counting game and worked with place value.
Here is a little stamping activity I prepared for him. Little Bean was supposed to stamp the word based on the picture I drew. He did okay with this one. He was unsure of the spelling of some of the words, but I encouraged him to use his knowledge of sounding out to help him.
Here is his Explode the Code Book 1. He is over half way through this one, and does 2 worksheets twice a week in a work alone box.
All About Spelling--Little Bean had a "spelling test". All the words are CVC, so it was no problem for him at all. Obviously there is no need for me to grade him, but essentially that is what this exercise was--writing words from dictation.
Here he is working alone on review of center starting capital letters:
This is a snowman craft. I will post about it later in the week:
Miss O had the following in her boxes:
Snowman craft
Handwriting Without Tears PK--working on numbers
Go for the Code, Book C
My Itsy Bitsy Letter Book--W
Magnetic and Non Magnetic
Felt Stories
Dog Matching Game
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Yay, we were back at it for at least one day! I linked up, thanks.

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