Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shape Scapes--A Different Kind of Building Toy

Have you heard of Shape Scapes? Shapes Scapes were created by a Los Angeles artist and feature over 90 unique and durable plastic shapes that click together. Your child can make any number of different sculptures and designs as they explore and build fine motor skills while they play. These normally run about 30 dollars a set--well worth it though if you are on the look out for a really different and interesting building toy other than the typical lego or mega block. We were super lucky to find a complete set at our local thrift store for only $2.92!! I was stoked, and the kids have had a great time playing with these!

"Animal With Big Eyes" by Little Bean:
"Clapping Man" by Little Bean:
"A Bird Resting in the Sun" by Miss O:

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Our Little Family said...

Ohhhh, these are REALLY neat. I love their creations and bet there will be LOTS more!

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