Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cloth Diapers, Need Work, Anyone Want Them??

Yes, these lovely Bum Genius diapers are for sale! My sister-in-law loves using her Bum Genius All-In-Ones on her little ones, and I don't blame her! These diapers are top of the line cloth diapers, and presumably the easiest kind of cloth diaper to use. BUT--these particular ones need new elastic in the legs. Other than that, they are in great condition (no stains, tears or rips, with some pilling on the velcro tabs). My sister in law asked me to sell them for her because she just never has the time to repair them (though it can be done!). I plan to post them on craigslist, but thought I'd post here first in case any of my readers are into cloth diapering and are a little handy with a sewing machine!

Here is the whole lot of them, 6 Mediums, 5 Large, and 19 one size diapers, plus 31 microfiber inserts (not shown): Here are the one size diapers:
And the 6 Mediums:
And here are the Large diapers:
Another of the Large size, showing the inside of the diaper (all of them are very clean like this one):

She will sell as a set or in groups, priority goes to those who purchase the most. Please use my contact button to contact me about purchasing these diapers or for more details or pictures. Shipping will depend on how many diapers are purchased. Please visit the Bum Genius website for more information on these diapers. Since I have not personally used this brand, I can't answer specifics about their use, sizing or care. These diapers do need some work repairing the elastic in the legs. When you contact me PLEASE include a price you are willing to pay for the diapers (excluding shipping) and I will get back to you.


Our Little Family said...

Ohhh, what a great lot! BG were my VERY favorite dipes and I tried out a WHOLE bunch. I'm sure someone will snap those up. In my experience, they really were the easiest, most user-friendly, best-fitting cloth diapers.

The Mom I Want To Be said...

I just re-elasticized a bunch of fuzzibunz and was surprised at how cheap and easy it was!

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