Saturday, February 6, 2010


This was originally posted on a private blog I have where I like to share more about what God is teaching me as I learn to obey Him more and more each day. I was looking over it, and realizing that some of you may be interested in this part of my life as well, so I thought I'd share it here. :)

We were walking home from my mom's house today when Miss O stopped in front of our neighbor's shiny black truck to dance around. She does this every time we walk home from my mom's house. The shiny black curves of the truck make her reflection short and fat and oh so joyous to behold.

She dances, lifting her squatty legs up and down and the joy just bubbles out of her throat. It's contagious too. Bean is soon joining in her play, and I'm standing there, wondering if the neighbors are wondering if we are all nuts. The kids don't care who is looking; they are just enjoying life.

And I think, isn't that how God wants us to be? I can take a lesson from my kids; learn to let go, to let the joy bubble out of me, learn to find joy in the small things in life.


Miller Moments said...

No one could have said it better!

Jo Shabo said...

That's an awfully nice thought... thanks for sharing :)

Beth said...

I am so glad that you shared this with us!!

Yes, and to not care what others think of us!! We are perfect, even with squatty legs and dancing silly in public!!

I have been trying to focus on the JOY lately. Amazing that when I do the attitude of my whole family is different and our days are so much better!!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

What a wonderful lesson to learn! I am so much more relaxed now that I have kids than I ever was before! If only I'd learned years before...better late than never. Blessings!:)

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