Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fire Truck Extension Activity

Remember my TOS review on the firefighting unit? We ended our unit study on fire fighters by making this fun hideaway--a fire truck for the kids to play in! For our history curriculum next year, we are using a Winter Promise curriculum called Hideaways in History. As part of the curriculum, we were sent this book, which has all kinds of ideas on different hideaways to make with and for your children. This is a GREAT and fun resource whether you use Winter Promise or not, and can be purchased through Amazon.

The kids were able to help out quite a bit, painting and cutting out different decorations for their fire truck. But mainly, they really enjoyed playing with it!


Annette W. said...

I love the dashboard-former window!

homeschool101 said...

That is great. I love it!

Lori said...

I love it! What a great idea!

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