Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lapbooking Resource

We've been just starting to get into lapbooking here, and are loving it. Little Bean loves the hands-on aspect, and I actually enjoy cutting out and folding all those mini-books. I know, total nerdy thing to enjoy, but what can I say? Seeing all those perfect little folded books makes me happy! :)

Since I am a lapbooking newbie, I'm not brave enough to make my own templates (plus I'm just lazy). So, I go to this site for all my mini-book needs. It's free, and you just print what mini-books you want and fold away! I'm sure this site is no rare find, but for me it's been great, so I had to share! Enjoy!


Serendipity is Sweet said...

I love Homeschool Share. It's a great site. But I have to admit all that cutting and folding gets to be a chore for me. Still lapbooks are great for the kids.

Have a wonderful day :D

Annette W. said...

Why make your own when someone else has already done it? I love the blogging world shares so much!

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