Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Day At Gymboree

The kids had their official last day of Gymboree last week, and it was a really special day. They were not really sad to leave, though they have been there for over 9 months, and still love Gymboree. Since Little Bean was getting a lot older than the other children, it seemed that it was best to pull him out, and since it's a drop off class, it made sense to pull them out together (otherwise I'd have to have Little Bean along with me on my errands while Miss O played at Gymboree).

Daddy came on their last day to take pictures and see them "graduate". The teachers made paper graduation caps and sang the graduation song for them. One teacher, who really seemed to bond with them both over the last 9 months sent a note home for each of them telling them how much she enjoyed having them and how much she would miss them. She also gave me a note complimenting me on my parenting (how nice!) and saying she'd be thrilled to babysit them any time I need it. I trust her with them, which for me is saying a lot, so I am kind of excited that we have someone willing to watch them when my mom isn't available.

Here are some pics from their last day:

Miss O got a little shy when all eyes were on them for the graduation song!

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