Thursday, April 1, 2010

Visit to the Fire Station

After we finished our unit on fire fighters and then made our fire truck hideaway, I still felt the unit wasn't complete without a visit to a real fire station. Last Saturday, we set out to do exactly that. Our closest station wasn't able to give a tour, but we found one relatively nearby that was happy to give us a look around.

Miss O in particular was really into this! She was running from place to place and eager to sit the fire truck and have her picture taken. The kids learned all about fire trucks in the unit we studied, and it was cool to have the real firemen using those same vocabulary words that they had learned.
In the middle of our tour, the fire house got a real call (it was a really windy day, and a power line had blown down; they were needed just in case a fire started before the workmen could repair the line), and our tour guide was the engine driver and had to leave! It was really neat being allowed to watch them suit up quickly and drive out of the garage! We really got lucky with that one! Once they left, another fire fighter finished the tour for us.

I honestly don't ever remember visiting a fire house as a child, so this was my first time as well. Not sure who was more intrigued--me or the kiddos! ;)

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