Saturday, April 24, 2010

All About Me Lapbook

Little Bean turned 5 on Easter Sunday, and with his Kindergarten year quickly coming to an end, I thought it was the perfect time for an All About Me lapbook. The parts for this particular lapbook came from Homeschool Share. Little Bean loves making lapbooks; this one was our third--first we did the Australia lapbook, then a fire fighting one, and now this one. Up next is frogs, and then I am thinking about doing the human body...but we'll see. :)

Here's the cover:
And the inside. The middle portion flips up to extend the lapbook and give us more space to work with: Here he listed or drew pictures of some of his favorite things, and on the blue strips he listed favorite books:
Recent Photo in the paper mirror:
He dictated to me about his house for this mini book:

It'd be kind of fun to repeat this lapbook yearly just to get a feel for how he's grown and changed throughout the year.

Do you lapbook with your kids? What is your favorite lapbooking resource?


Michelle said...

This is such a great lapbook! I love his little writing, too, so sweet! I really want to do this with my 5yo. Thank you for sharing. =)

Corina said...

That's so cute!! I think we might have to do that this summer for something fun. And I love the idea of doing it yearly to see how they grow and change! :)

SurvivorBlessing said...

Thank you for sharing. Love the lapbook. We are going to make ours next week. Blessings

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