Thursday, April 22, 2010

Piano Lessons

Little Bean started piano lessons a few weeks ago. He loves the lessons themselves, but doesn't care for practicing (for the most part). His teacher is a friend of mine from high school. She is really sweet and good with him! In this picture, he is showing me how he plays his first little song! :) I hope he'll continue to enjoy these lessons for a long time to come.

How important do you think learning to play an instrument is? Why?


N said...

awww, What an adorable picture! He looks so proud with the big piano!

In several books I've read, it's been mentioned that music/art/creative activities develop a whole different set of networks in the brain that can help throughout life in thinking different ways (and that can't be developed in the same way later). So, I don't think playing an instrument specifically is what's important, just that kids have the opportunity to choose SOMETHING creative to learn. Music is really important to B, though, so our kids will definitely have to choose something in that area. :)

And the most important lesson for me is what comes with having to practice on a set schedule, work hard, and work to perfect what you are doing - no quitting within a specified time period, etc.!

Kimberly Eddy said...

I love the photo. I think it's very important. All of mine have taken piano lessons, and they are all in their teens (with one preteen), and I've seen it improve their reading skills, and it seems to also help their creativity too. They also use it to serve God, in that they play music in our church (our church puts everyone who takes lessons on the rotations for playing specials and that's been good for them).

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