Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frog Lapbook

Our frog lapbook is done! I used mini books from Homeschool Share for this lapbook. I couldn't find all of the recommended books listed on the site, but it worked out fine just choosing some of the frog books from our library. Miss O and Little Bean each had several books to complete and we combined them to make one big frog lapbook:
Here is the inside: Miss O helped with the coloring and she also did the two mini books you see in the center area (F is for and -og words). The center area flips up for more room. Each lily pad has a question and answer underneath that Little Bean had to fill out.
Here we have a frog lifecycle wheel and a diagram of frog body parts:
Some more lapbook pieces:
And this is the back. The tongues slide in and out. Miss O made the top one and Little Bean the bottom one:

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Jackie said...

Very Cool lapbook. I am taking my grandson to a nature center by our house on the 19th and the theme is "Frog and Toad". How convenient that you posted this. I will be using your lap book ideas.

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