Friday, May 7, 2010

A Personal Pyramid

I'm starting to notice that my nav bar is woefully inadequate now that we've added so many content areas. I have no place to categorize our nature study or our history! I may have to remedy that soon because I don't want things to get all mixed up between categories!

Anyhow, we have been really enjoying our study of the ancient world with Winter Promise and Story of the World. If you remember, we are using Winter Promise Hideaways in History, and it uses Story of the World as its' spine. I have heard that the newer version of Hideaways doesn't use Story of the World, but I can't say whether the new option is better or worse, only that it's different. WP also uses parts of the The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History, which is great for really visualizing how the world was like so long ago (wonderful pictures).

This week, we are focusing on Egypt, and the kids made these personal pyramids as part of the lesson one day. We made these by first cutting out four identical triangles out of stiff paper. I used file folders because I don't have any cardstock. The guide also says to cut out a square bottom, but we left ours open at the bottom.

The kids then colored the "walls" of their tombs with things from their every day lives. Little Bean's even had a yo-yo on it! ;) I'm sure whoever is buried in his pyramid will keep himself busy in the afterlife with that yo-yo!
The yo-yo and a house as well as a cluster of grapes and a man's head:
After they were done decorating the inside walls, we flipped them over and used a cut up sponge to make yellow bricks on the outside. You can see Little Bean is lining the bricks up in rows:
To finish, I taped the four sides together. The kids really enjoyed this, and are looking forward to making our pyramid hideaway at the end of the week!

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