Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Addition Facts

One thing Little Bean is supposed to be practicing as part of his Right Start Math B curriculum is addition facts. He's pretty good at getting the right answer, but it takes him some time to compute it at this point, so he is needing more practice in order to say the answer instantly. I was over at 1+1+1 a while back and saw that her son was using this website to learn his multiplication facts. I hopped over there today, and saw that not only do they do timed, online quizzes for multiplication, but for all the operations (subtraction, division and addition). Little Bean does not get much computer time, so he was excited to take these quizzes, and it was good mouse and keyboard practice for him as well. While we will still do them orally with the problems in Right Start, is a great supplement in this area.

1 comment:

Becca said...

Thanks! We're in the early stages of Rightstart B (lesson 16 today) and this looks like a great resource for practicing.

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