Sunday, July 25, 2010

Human Body Lapbook

I was pulling together resources for our color lapbook this weekend and realized that I had never shared our Human Body Lapbook here. Miss O and Little Bean each did a human body lapbook, with Miss O's being a little more simplified for her age. Sometimes I combine them, but I had a ton of mini books, so we decided to do two. For our color lapbook, we will combine both of their parts into one book. By the way, I am totally excited about the color lapbook! Thank you to those who left links for me to look at--I checked them all out and did pull some stuff from there. But there were several things I could not find pre-made, so I spent Saturday trying my hand at making my own mini books, and I have to say, I am delighted with the results and can't wait to get started on this one with the kiddos! Anyway, on to the human body! I pulled all my resources for this lapbook from here. We searched our local library for books on the human body too. Unfortunately I didn't save the titles for what we used, but the lapbook pieces can be used with any books on the human body.

Here is the cover of Miss O's lapbook:
And this is the inside of Little Bean's lapbook. We have: a mini book about eye color, important body parts, a diagram of the skeleton, a mini book about how to stay healthy, and a book about the different parts of the body (skin, muscles, bones, and organs).
The skeleton page turns so that we have more room. On this page we have a book about germs and what makes people sick, a diagram of internal organs (Little Bean hasn't finished this one yet), steps to brushing your teeth, body part riddles, and a food groups chart.


Jimmie said...

What a great lapbook and a wonderful topic. We did a human body lapbook in 1st or 2nd grade. Now in 6th grade, we're revisiting anatomy at a more indepth look. It will be fun to pull out our old lapbook and laugh.

Homeschool Mom said...

You've inspired me! This is exactly the kind of creative idea I've been searching for! Now to get started on our first lapbook!!! Thanks

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