Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ipad app for your 50 states study

Several months ago I read about this ipad app for learning facts about the 50 states over at this blog. I didn't check it out because we had lots of materials already and I felt we didn't need anything else. Then one day I was browsing at the app store just for fun and came across this same app--called Stack the States (just do an search at the app store). There is a free version which is pretty good, so I downloaded it and tried it out with the kids. We all had a lot of fun, and I was convinced about purchasing the full app. It's only 99 cents, and is so worth it. For a very visual learner like Little Bean this app is amazing and he is retaining alot from it! If you have an ipad and are studying the 50 states be sure to check out Stack the States! If you're studying the countries, they also make Stack the Countries.


The games starts by asking you trivia questions about the different states. It asks about things like capitals, landmarks, cities, and also does shape recognition. The questions are multiple choice, and if you choose the correct state, you get to move the state on top of a pedestal at the bottom of the screen. The goal, as you collect more states, is to stack them on top of eachother in such a way that they go over the finish line and don't fall off the pedestal. Once you have stacked the to the finish line, you earn a state.


The states you earn are stored on a blank U.S. map. You can go and look at them whenever you like. As you move through the game, other mini-games are unlocked. My player has unlocked 2 of the 3 games already. One is a timed game that focuses on state recognition. Several states are stacked up and it tells you which one to touch. As you touch and eliminate states, more states are filling up the area above. The goal is to get rid of all of them!


Another game is a puzzle game where they give you several states that are just floating around on the screen. You have to try to put them together according to how they are on the map. Each game has easy, medium and hard levels.

I'll admit, even I am learning alot from this game. I have never memorized the states, and this is a very addicting way to do it. My dh and I played it for about an hour one night after the kids were in bed, lol! Both kids love it too. Miss O has earned 2 states and Little Bean has earned 6 so far.

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